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Nontraditional Careers

It's a good idea to consider all of your options before you decide on a career path. So don't limit your career options just because you think the job you want is meant for a person of a specific gender. Few jobs have requirements that effectively limit employment to only men or women. One option many people overlook in their job search is nontraditional employment. Nontraditional careers are careers where 75 percent or more of the workers are the opposite gender.

Quick Facts on Nontraditional Occupations for Women

  • A nontraditional occupation for women is one in which women comprise 25 percent or less of total employment.
  • Nontraditional occupations span all major occupational groups and provide many employment options for women.
  • First, growth in the economy is projected to expand employment in many of these occupations and secondly, there will be strong demand for workers in these fields due to projected retirements or transfers of current workers to other occupations.
  • Nontraditional jobs are attractive to women because they generally offer higher entry-level wages and a career ladder with pay between $20 and $30 per hour.
  • Here are some examples of nontraditional jobs for women: detectives, architects, chefs, barbers, clergy, computer and office machine repairers, construction and building inspectors, railroad conductors, machinists, truck drivers, fire fighters, aircraft pilots, construction occupations, and small engine mechanics.
  • Women continue to make inroads into nontraditional occupations. As more women enter jobs that were once dominated by men, many jobs that were nontraditional for women in the 1986 were no longer nontraditional for women in 2006. Some of these occupations are physicians and surgeons, chemists, judges and magistrates, announcers, lawyers, athletes, coaches, umpires, and postal service mail carriers.

More Information?

Interests Questionnaire
Determine if your interests fit with nontraditional jobs.

Skills Questionnaire
Take this survey to see if your skills fit nontraditional jobs.

Myths and Realities
Facts regarding common misconceptions about women working in nontraditional jobs.

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