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 Disability Services

Students with Disabilities

ATC actively recruits prospective qualified students, including those with disabilities. Title I and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act are strictly adhered to and the campus will make available auxiliary aids and services as well as reasonable alterations in facilities, policies, and practices in order that qualified individuals with disabilities may have access to both employment and training. Interpreters are available for deaf and hearing impaired students.

A student needing special accommodations for successful participation in a program must submit official documentation of his/her disability to the campus counselor prior to entry into college. After paying tuition, the student must bring the tuition receipt and a copy of his/her class schedule to the counselor in order for her to notify the student’s instructors of what accommodations must be made. The student must follow this procedure every semester in order for the instructors to know that accommodations must be provided.
ATC Student Affairs
Connie Chopin
Discrimination/Harassment Coordinator
ATC, Lafayette Campus
Student Services Department
1101 Bertrand Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506
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