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Camille Jarrell- Assistant Campus Dean


Welcome to Acadiana Technical College, Teche Area Campus. The school's faculty, staff, and administration are glad that you are here. Interest in Teche Area Campus indicates that you wish to improve yourself by acquiring a marketable skill. The school's motto is "He who hath a trade, hath an estate." By becoming a student here, you will take advantage of an opportunity; by hard work and cooperation with your instructors you can gain benefits in the program in which you choose to enroll. We want to help you in any way we can. We can provide you with excellent training that will make a difference in your life.

Camille Jarrell

Assistant Campus Dean

Teche Area Campus is located on 39.1 acres of land at the Acadiana Regional Airport, New Iberia, Louisiana. The school was established by the 1950 Louisiana Legislature as Iberia Trades School. By an Act of the 1964 Legislature, the name was changed to Teche Area Vocational-Technical School. On February 22, 1990, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved the name Teche Area Technical Institute. In 1995, the Louisiana State Legislature officially changed the school's name to Louisiana Technical College, Teche Area Campus. In July 1998 Senate Bill 2, Act 151, placed Teche Area Campus under the University of Louisiana System Board of Trustees/Supervisors. In July 1999 Senate Bill 1, Act 170, placed Teche Area Campus under the Louisiana Community and Technical College Board of Supervisors.

Teche Area Campus is proud of its modern facility which consists of a Main building, a Early Childhood Education Center, and an Electricity shop. All facilities have up-to-date equipment for student training and are well maintained.




Professional Helicopter Pilot Training

 Vortex Helicopter Training
A partnership  of Acadiana Technical College - Teche Area Campus in conjunction with 
Bristow Helicopters, Inc.  

$42,950 Tuition

New classes begin each Monday

The Bristow Professional Pilot Program is for the individual interested in pursuing a career as an entry-level professional helicopter pilot.

Air Logistics guarantees to interview completers of the Professional Pilot program.

Call the campus for loan information!

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Teche Area Campus
P. O. Box 11057
609 Ember Drive ()
New Iberia, LA 70562-1057
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