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Louisiana Technical College


The SGA at the Acadian Campus strives to meet the needs of the students in their daily studies and provide fun activities to relieve the stresses of life even if its just for a few minutes or hours.  Much of the advanced technology at our campus was purchased using funds from the SGAs budget and fundraisers. We make a difference.  I like to think that we are the middle person between the students and the teachers and administration.  We can make your opinions and ideas matter by bringing them up to the ears that need to hear them.

Do you feel as if you're working crazy hours, never seeing your family and friends, earning minimum wage, and barely making your rent every month?  Do you ever get the feeling that you're stuck in a job that leaves you wanting more?  Do you wish you could better your life?

The LTC Acadian Campus provides training that can assist you in improving your life and raising your earning potential.  If you're still reading this, I hope that I've at least caught a bit of your attention.  Check out what we have to offer; you won't be sorry.

Acadian Campus SGA - Spring 2008
Christina Fontenot (Vice President), Candi Burke-Lejeune (Secretary),
James Amy (President), and Wendy Newman (Treasurer)

I can personally say that the faculty and staff at  Louisiana Technical College Acadian Campus truly care about helping you reach that next goal in your life.  They will go the extra mile to teach you the necessities for bettering your life as long as you show up and try.  Could you truly ask for more?  Contact us today by phone or a walk-in visit.  I challenge you to better your own life.

James Amy

SGA President