Instructor Salary ($25.00 per hour) $ 25.00
Multiply by Number of Contact Hours x 10
Instructor Salary ($25.00 per hours) $ 25.00
Instructor Preparatory Time (10 minutes per contact hour) 1.67
(i.e. 10 x 10 / 60 = 1.67) $ 41.75
Instructor Salary (Salary for Contact Hours and Prep Time) $291.75
Multiply by Rate of Benefits .1525
Benefits $ 44.49
Add Benefits and Instructor Salary 291.75
  $ 336.25
Add $100.00 to Total 100.00
  $ 436.24
Divide Total By 10 (Minimum Students) 10
Cost of Tuition (Rounded to Nearest Dollar) $ 43.62
Add Registration Fee 5.00
Fee for Course (Rounded to Nearest $5) $ 50.00

Classes can be held with less than 10 students. Instead of dividing by 10, divide by the number of students that will enroll in the class.

For classes over 10, continue to charge the tuition for a minimum of 10 students. Any class enrolling over 10 students will be a profit for the campus.


Non_Credit Tuition Formula Click below to download this document:
CED Non-Credit Tuition Formula
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