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Instructors in the non-credit Continuing Education division are considered adjunct instructors. Continuing education instructors are qualified instructors selected from the local resources of business, government, industry, community groups, other educational institutions, and the LTC Greater Acadiana Region 4 faculty. The Continuing Education Division is continuously seeking qualified instructors. Potential instructors should submit an application, resume, and copies of any certifications to the Continuing Education Division.

1. All positions for continuing education adjunct instructors must be advertised.

2. The “Request to Advertise” form should be submitted to the Regional Director for approval.

3. Upon approval, the campus dean/administrator may proceed with advertising in accordance with the district policy. The advertising media to be utilized are as follows:

  • Region 4 Website, mandatory
  • E-mail communication to LTC Deans/Campus Administrators, mandatory
  • Campus Website, optional
  • Local newspaper, optional
  • The Advertiser, (Greater Acadiana Region’s official journal) mandatory for all non CED part time
  • Local newspaper, optional
  • LCTCS/LTC Website, optional

4. A minimum of 7 workdays should be allowed to accept application for part-time adjunct positions.

5. Applicants can be recruited for anticipated positions for continuing education. Qualified applicants will be placed in a pool of individuals qualified to teach the course.

6. The CED Review Committee will screen all applicants to determine that the applicant meets the qualifications for the position.

7. All qualified applicants will be placed on a list of approved instructors for one year. Campuses will be provided with this list.

8. Each campus dean or his/her designee will contact qualified individuals on the list to determine the individual’s availability to teach.