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Louisiana Technical College

Culinary Arts and Occupations

CIP 120503
Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Technical Diploma (TD),
Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS),
Technical Competency Area (TCA)

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Culinary Arts and Occupations - Student Handbook (400kb PDF)

Mission and Program Description:

This program prepares students to work in service, production, fast foods, and baking areas of the food service industry.  Program content includes American Culinary Federation information and guidelines for approved Chef training and accreditation.

Length of Program:

AAS = 70 Semester Credit Hours
TD = 55 Semester Credit Hours

Education Requirements:

AAS = High School Diploma or GED
TD = Ability to Benefit

Placement Exam Scores: Spring 2008 Program Placement Score Chart (PDF)
AAS Program (Fall 07) COMPASS Scores: Read 85; Math 55; Engl./Writ. 70
ACT Scores: Read 20; Math 19; Engl./Writ. 18

TD Program: (Fall 07)

COMPASS Scores: Read. 70; Math 36; Engl./Writ. 33
ACT Scores: Read. 15; Math 16; Engl./Writ. 14

Approximate Total Cost of Books and Supplies:

Contact the Student Affairs Office of the campus of your choice



Note:  Transferable General Education Courses needed to meet the requirements for the AAS are offered through a collaborative agreement with South Louisiana Community College (SLCC).

The objectives of the Culinary Arts and Occupations program are to:

  • Provide students with the knowledge, necessary skills and attitude training for employment as a member of a food service team.
  • Provide training to assist students in developing proficiency in production, baking, and the management areas of the food service industry.
  • Provide training to assist students in acquiring practical experience in the operation of restaurants, bakeries, and/or a variety of public and private kitchens.
  •  Provide AAS degree seeking students with appropriate General Education knowledge and skills in English, Math, Speech, Psychology,  and Physical Science





An application or re-application fee and a testing fee per component are charged for each Application for Admission submitted.

Tuition is paid by the semester. (SEE - Tuition and Fees) Students are also required to purchase books and supplies separately. Contact your host campus for a complete projected cost of this program.

The college accepts cash, personal and company checks, MasterCard or Visa for all fees. A percentage of tuition and fees are refundable up to the tenth day of instruction. No refund will be made after the tenth day.