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Automatically capture, store, index, and review classes
from anywhere, anytime!

Scalable, easy-to-use class capture web service

Tegrity Campus 2.0 is the first student achievement system that impacts learning across the entire institution, improving retention and student satisfaction. Tegrity makes class time available all the time by automatically capturing, storing and indexing every class on campus for replay by every student.

Educators know that the more students can see, hear, and experience class resources, the better they learn. With Tegrity, students quickly recall key moments or replay entire classes online, with digital notes, on their iPods and cell phones. Students quickly find just what they need by scanning thumbnail images or searching across an entire semester of class recordings using key words. During class, Tegrity's automatic tagging and indexing creates metadata for textual content of slides, websites and application names, which allows students to search for – and instantly find – specific learning moments.

Tegrity’s scalable web services model provides low cost of ownership for the institution and eliminates the need to install software on instructor or student computers. A simple one-click start and stop process automatically captures video, audio, PowerPoint and more. Students replay any part of any class with easy-to-use browser-based viewing on a PC or Mac. Tegrity offers automatic, campus-wide creation of enhanced podcasts including slides, indexing and text titles with zero production work. Tegrity Campus 2.0 integrates seamlessly with existing campus solutions, allowing users to login directly to Tegrity or authenticate through any secure web page, portal, CMS or SIS used by the institution.

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