Some courses taught in the Continuing Education Division are standardized throughout the district. If the course that is being taught is one of the standardized courses, textbooks have already been selected for the course. When an instructor is notified that he/she will teach a Continuing Education course, the instructor should also ensure that the textbooks have been ordered for the course.

For classes that have not been standardized, instructors should determine what textbooks will be required and ensure that the textbooks are ordered for the course.

Instructors should secure desk copies of the text/texts to be used by requesting from the campus Continuing Education Coordinator or requesting copies from the publisher.

Books are purchased by the students on the first night of class or as determined by the individual campus location.

Classroom Supplies

Classroom supplies and copying machines are available for Continuing Education instructors. Students are responsible for obtaining their own supplies. If supplies are to be included in the course fee, arrangements for their purchase must be made at the time the course is scheduled.

Audio-Visual Support

Audio-visual equipment is available for Continuing Education instructors. Some classrooms are already equipped with the necessary equipment. When equipment is not available, instructors should contact the Continuing Education Coordinator on campus to make the necessary arrangements.
All instructors using equipment should make sure that they are knowledgeable in the operation of the equipment before using the equipment.


All faculty are encouraged to plan lessons in advance and anticipate large quantity copy request. A copy machine will be made available at all campus locations for adjunct faculty. Adjunct faculty are responsible for making their own copies.