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CED Evaluation
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Continuing Education Division Evaluation


Course Title:  _____________________ Instructor: ___________________________

Campus:  _________________________ Date: _______________________________

Please rate the following using the scale at the right.

Strongly Agree







Strongly Disagree

1.          The instructor was knowledgeable of the course material.






2.          The instructor displayed expertise and enthusiasm for the course.






3.          The methods employed by the instructor were appropriate.






4.          The instructor communicated concepts and examples in an easy to understand manner.






5.          The instructor made the course interesting.






6.          The instructor planned classroom activities that were appropriate.






7.          The instructor provided students with a course syllabus.






8.          The instructor used practical applications to demonstrate the material covered.






9.          The instructor’s grading policies were fair and consistent.






10.       The instructor followed a planned sequence of classroom activities.






11.       The instructor started and ended class on time.






12.       The instructor was available for help in the classroom at all times.






13.       The course content matched the stated objectives.






14.       The course content was relevant to my present work.






15.       The course was arranged in a way that was conducive to learning.






16.       The course was well organized.






17.       The exams used were designed to test what I was taught.






18.       The textbooks and materials were relevant to the course.






19.       The equipment for this course was satisfactory.






20.       The classroom was conducive to learning.






21.       The schedule for this course was convenient.






22.       The course met my expectations.






23.       The course met my training/educational needs.






24.       I feel prepared to apply what I learned.






Please rate the following using the scale at the right.



Very Good





Very Poor

25.    Overall, how would you rate the instructor?






26.       Overall, how would you rate the course?






27.       Overall, how would you rate the classroom equipment/facilities?






28.       What did you like best about the course?




29.       What did you like least about the course?




30.       What suggestions do you have for making the course better?




31.       What other courses could be offered that would meet your educational/training needs?