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CED End of Course Checklist
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End Of Course Checklist

_____ Obtain your final class paperwork (certificates and evaluations) at the campus office prior to the last day of class.

_____ Follow the procedure outlined on the Evaluation envelope for the final class. Have each student complete an evaluation form for the course. Put all of the forms for the course in a sealed envelope and forward to the campus dean or his/her designee.

_____ Double check to make sure all daily sign-in sheets, daily attendance forms, student progress reports, and timesheets for the entire course have been turned into the campus contact.

_____ Review each student’s folder to be sure that all documentation for the student is in the folder, including but not limited to the following:

___ Curriculum outline/student competency record
___ Student orientation form (signed)
___ Student progress reports
___ Any tests, quizzes, or documentation of work contributing to the student’s final grade in the course.
___ *Distribute class certificates to students or make arrangements to have them mailed to the students. Those who have successfully completed the learner outcomes may receive a certificate with CEUs.

_____ Forward all records, textbooks, tests, and documentation concerning the course to the campus Continuing Education Coordinator according to policy.

*Certificates are generated from the college database. If there are any corrections (name spellings, adding or dropping a student), the instructor should submit a copy of the corrected roll before the last class day to ensure the certificates are correct. If for any reason the certificates are not completed by the last class day, they will be mailed to the students.