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CED Teaching Checklist
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This checklist contains items that are not necessarily included in lesson planning (teaching styles/strategies, etc.); however, these practical items are essential for course and classroom management.

One to two weeks before course begins


Make sure you have enough copies of course outlines and handouts printed.


Check that your texts/resources are in.


Prepare lesson plans for first classes.


Consult other teachers teaching the same course.


Check room assignments for seating and equipment.

First Class


Introduce yourself to students and ensure they are in right course and classroom.


Circulate an attendance sheet and check this against registration documents.


Introduce course outline including evaluation, activities, expectations, texts, and course resources.


Inform students how to contact you and/or the program coordinator, i.e., office number, office hours, phone extension, e-mail address.


Ensure students have appropriate breaks.


Review "ground rules," safety issues, student services, calendar information, and college policies relating to equity, inclusion, and academic honesty. (Please note cell phones should be turned off and not used in the classroom).


Present lesson as appropriate to time and students.



Leave room clean and boards clear.


Report any equipment or technical problems.


Confirm that all students are officially registered.


Confirm and announce drop dates for the course.


Provide students an opportunity to give you feedback about course and instructional methods.


Provide student with formal feedback on their progress in course (before drop date).

 *At the end of course


Submit grades within published deadlines.


Provide an opportunity for students to give feedback on course and instruction if appropriate and available.