Welcome to the Louisiana Technical College, Greater Acadiana Region 4. We are delighted that you have chosen to join our Continuing Education Division. Your classroom will be filled with learners from divergent ages, ethnicity, and occupations. They share a common belief that learning will enhance their personal and professional lives. Our students are motivated, serious, and ambitious people who choose to invest time, energy, and money in their own professional and personal development. Your challenge and opportunity is to provide them with a meaningful learning experience.

I know that you will be an excellent asset to our college. This book has been prepared to assist you in your transition to teaching in our Continuing Education Division by offering strategies to meet learning needs and policies and resources to assist you. Please take the time to examine this book and feel free to ask questions.

I genuinely appreciate your commitment to teaching and learning. The rewards and sense of accomplishment far outweigh any challenges you may encounter. Thanks for joining us. I hope that you will feel a part of the LTC, Greater Acadiana Region 4 community.

Sincerely yours,

Debbie L. Burkheiser

Debbie L. Burkheiser
Chief Workforce and Training Officer