Master Schedule Forms and Documents

ATTENTION FACULTY and STAFF: Each campus should prepare Program Master Schedules for the upcoming semester by mid-term of the current semester. Please utilize the Region 4 forms  when preparing master schedules. For assistance with Program Master Schedule processes, please seek out your campus master schedule coordinator or faculty mentor.  These individuals (as designated at each campus) will be responsible for verifying/approving schedules of course offerings. Once verified and approved, schedules must be submitted to the student enrollment database operator for entry.  Only those courses which appear in the database can be offered for courses scheduling. 

Pamela V Sonnier
Associate Dean  Academic & Student Affairs

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R4 Master Schedule Coordinators (pdf)
R4 Building Program Master Schedules and Academic Advising: In-Service (pdf)
R4 Creating Class Schedules Using Days and Weeks To Teach Charts (pdf)
R4 Master Schedule Form (MS Excel)
R4 Master Schedule Change Form (MS Excel)
R4 Master Schedule Cancellation Form (MS Excel)