Memorandum of Agreement for
Development of Distance Education

I am an employee of Louisiana Technical College, Greater Acadiana Region 4, a college within the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. As a part of my job duties at the College, I intend to develop and prepare educational materials for distance education delivery, as a supplement to a traditional course, or for other electronic means. These educational materials may consist of, but are not limited to, instructional text and related media such as course books, workbooks, images, graphics, web pages, assessment tests, etc.

I acknowledge that developing educational materials fall within the scope of my regular duties of employment at the College and must be approved by the Regional Director. I acknowledge that the College has the right to govern the time, methods and standards of my work and that assignment of intellectual property rights will be governed by LCTCS policy. I also acknowledge that training, re-training, documentation, and qualification is ongoing processes to retain my privilege to use distance education technology.

I acknowledge that all courses must be of reasonable length and include both content and contact sufficient to maintain high academic quality and standards commensurate with credit hours awarded for a “traditional” lecture class. The basis for the certification of learning by electronic means must be valid, credible and based upon an assessment system which reliably determines whether a student possesses clearly identified standards-based knowledge, skills, and abilities.

I acknowledge that a course proposed for distance delivery should follow a dual- development track: academic content and technological pedagogy. These tracks are to be pursued simultaneously to allow for timely offering of the course. I understand that academic content of a distance education course is to be validated in the same manner as a traditional course. Approval to offer a “Distance Education” course must be obtained through the Region 4 e-Learning Coordinator and submitted for a quality assessment process.

I acknowledge awareness of copyright and legal considerations for use with distance education technology. I also acknowledge that course content, graphics, and media must be developed by me and that any inclusion of outside resources must be cleared and verified with the specified copyright process before implementing the course(s).

I acknowledge awareness of requirements concerning the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)